Friday, January 30, 2009

Ideas About Making a Lving

My ideas about making a living are not fruitful. Buying lotto tickets when I need to pay my bills hasn’t produced a satisfactory outcome yet. My dream of becoming a movie director never realized itself. And so far, very little money resulted from my painting career. Actually, I never paint. If I never do something, then how can I include it in this story? I still don't get what semantics does. And I don't understand why I felt so lonely in the summer of 1975, when I visited the ice cream shop in Stary Koniecpol. So, am I personally causing this state of pennilessness? Or is it just plain Karma?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Drawing Is a Necessity, Like Eating; So Make it Good

Blue-Eyed Person that Becomes the Witness to the
Mystery of the Shifting Images of Today. Pencil sketch
created in a drawing class, 2005 maybe.
This drawing was made after a certain Renaissance Master,
but I don't recall, who.

Shifting, in General

Shifting. Before I ask , the answer is here. Why does the world shift so much? What was so important and newsworthy in the morning is not anymore at his hour. Examples? 1. Why are my legs so heavy? 2. Why I don't feel the same about so and so? 3. Why? - Because the music stopped playing.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Malg, Reporting... at Last!

It is before 9 a.m. in the morning on a very cold winter day in So. Florida. I want some coffee, but not very badly; I have to return a nebulizer to the doctor's office, but they open at nine, so I need to do something before that. Conveniently, there is a coffee shop/family restaurant nearby. I've been here before. I enter, and the hostess leads me to my booth. It is still Christmas here: the painted windows are reflecting the no rush to change the seasonal decor mode of the management or the owners. This is all OK with me; a Christmas rocking horse adorns my window. She (the waitress) comes promptly, and upon hearing from me that I want:"Just a coffee, please", she leaves in a hurry; the menu stays. Coffee tastes good, and I don't even bother to ask for milk, I settle for the half & half. I look around, and notice my reflection in the mirror on the wall in front of me: middle aged female, blond hair, dark frame glasses, brown winter jacket with a hood rimmed with faux fur. Now I think that if she comes again, I'll order the two eggs breakfast, because it is priced so right:$2.50 for two eggs, home fries, and a toast. I place my order and wait. And then I start imagining (maybe, because of the way I look in that mirror)that I could be on an assignment as a restaurant critic , reporting for some local newspaper. And this feels so right, so real!!! Here are my notes scribbled on the back of my latest bank statement: cozily dark; windows still bare Christmas painted-on decor; I fit right in; the two egg special is cheap $2.25: 2 eggs, home fries, toast OK, coffee tastes good; cup is off white; good background music: 70's+2000's "'re's true.. i saw your face..." my breakfast arrives at 9:06. eggs over M - excellent, not a trace of fat. potatoes good- home flavour. looks like i am one of the first customers. they start coming around 9 a.m. lamps on? at around 8:30.. why, I wonder. "Bud Light" sign. why. do they serve Beer, here? I ate half of everything and put the other half in the styrofoam take out container. On the way out i asked the hostess (young "koniecpol" girl) if the pies and cakes were baked here: she said "yes". the price around $24- 30 That's big (the pie and the price!)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Dynamic Dogwood

"Dynamic Dogwood" (detail); 9" x 12", Prismacolor pencils
on bristol, January 18, 2009.

Angel Dogwood

"Angel Dogwood" (detail); 12"x 9", pencils on bristol, January 18, 2009.
The story that goes with this sketch is peculiarly familiar:
Things do not look the way you see them, so you try to create
The Dogwood Fantasy, otherwise known as Angel Dogwood.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Mr. Frog Moves in

New garden statue adorns my garden, but I chose not to
reveal Mr. Frog's image. Instead, I present :
the "January 09 Violets".
In addition to this information, there comes a reheated plan
to start drawing the flowering Dogwood ( flower of Tokyo).
I am not volunteering any other facts of life in progress,
oh... maybe with the exception of fleas being persistent on
staying in our house.