Saturday, January 18, 2014


This Saturday, on a very cool afternoon in South Florida... in a beautiful city of SUNRISE, young artists participated in a "Watercolor Pencils Drawing Workshop"
at the Art Studio of  Sunrise Civic Center.

 In addition to watercolor pencil techniques and brush and water applications, a common kitchen sponge cut in small cubes was used to apply paint on watercolor paper to show the frizzy leaves of palm trees and the shimmering foliage of Southern live oaks, Crepe myrtles and American holly trees. 

I'm very pleased with the results!
Presented here are the participants' beautifully and uniquely creative artworks:

 Tuxedo's Life by Jannellee G., age 9.

Jack's Adventure, by Zoe S., age 9.

Animals in Paradise by Tabitha M., age 7.

/Malgorzata Kawashima - Art Instructor

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Young Artist

'Landscape by Alondra' - watercolor
by Alondra I., age 10.

'Bottle with Herbs' - watercolor by Alondra I., age 10.

/Malgorzata Kawashima - Art Instructor.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Miraculous Journey

Brilliant Little Branch from Moringa oleifera tree, most likely.
I saw it in the unusual light while on the morning walk wit Cookie. --- I said to myself:  'How wonderful it would be if 
I could turn it into a miraculous painting... with those tiny drops of round  diamond crystals... three or five droplets on selected leaflets.' I returned hours later to capture it on my IPhone camera. By then the Miraculous Little Branch looked differently. -- How? -- The droplets of rainwater were mostly gone... so the value of the visual miracle was lesser.
And now I probably won't produce any masterpiece ...... or I just might! --- Because in my mind's eye there is a vivid record of the first image of the "Brilliant Little Branch."