Wednesday, February 25, 2009


In the evening I hopped to another pancake house. There was a woman with melanoma on her forehead there. My companion reminded me that today was Ash Wednesday. So… that melanoma was a cross made with ashes? Yes. Then what about the other woman, the one from the morning pancake house? Did she have ashes between her eyebrows? It is possible.


I don't know for sure if I can call this story “Charming”. It happened during the breakfast hours at a certain pancake house -no, not that "hopping" one; and since it is a mystery, I shall try not to name anything or anyone for the sake of keeping the mystery alive. There were two young men sitting at the window table in front of me and speaking Spanglish to one another, unaware that among the breakfast customers there was a writer plotting to write about them in her newest mystery tale. ”Bird & 137th Street... un restaurante colombiano”, said one of them, and then they both left. Soon the next group came to that table: party of four that probably walked straight from the nearby hotel; they all looked refreshed and too perky for the early morning hour ( before 8 am). One of the women had a large, black mole between her eyebrows, and to my knowledge, it looked like a skin cancer. She ordered pancakes with blueberries. Immediately following this scene, something new started developing behind me: Two middle-aged guys were talking in plain English about pancreatic cancer. The mother of one of the guys had it. And all the while…your writer was being sandwiched between those two different types of cancer. This, my reader, is the mysterious story that left me with a feeling of a moment in time and space that was...charming, dignified and delightful like my waitress, who was young and pretty, and constantly refilling my coffee cup.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Check out my old paintings from the years 1987-2004. I would like to sell prints made from sellected original art, old and new. My most current work is in pencil on paper, and in watercolor on paper, and is rather small: no larger then 9" x 12". My talented niece Matylda sells her art on Etsy, in her little store called Relic Dwellers, and I would like to put my art for sale on Etsy too, sooner or later. I am currently under the impression that I can do it sooner then later.

To You

"Luminous Rose". Photo by LK. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Remembering the Person, The Little One ~~~~~~~ Walking through snow~~~~ Singing a song~~~~~~~~~~ Written and composed by self~~~~~ And now Sadness wants to win~~~~~~ Hang on -- I dedicate this moment to You.

Friday, February 20, 2009

What to Do with Pączki?

Undercover pączki, all ten of them waiting to be eaten.
No one wants to do that (eat them). Too big, too heavy, too

Thursday, February 19, 2009

To eat or not to eat

My bro Wies says that I should sign up for ads by google business. I' m not sure if I want to do that, but he covertly reminds me of my "loser artist" status with no prospects for financial abundance, so I feel guilty. Guilty for not listening to his advice; after all he is the older brother. Older siblings know best. Right? Wies says, that I have to choose between doing art and starving, or doing business ( like having ads by google pop up on my blog) and eating delicious breakfast with home fries, eggs and rye toast plus coffee with milk. Is my bro's advice the answer to my financial bliss?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


"Rose Embellished" (detail), 8"x 11", watercolor pencils,
permanent marker and graphite on paper.
So, we meet again, said he to me. You look pale. So, what is it to you? Nothin, I'm just leaving a comment under the picture. OK, anything else? Yes. When are you going to plant those leftover little flowers that rooted on the window sill?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Quilt- Like Daikon

The intriguing watercolor is here: Quilt-Like Daikon
Design with a Touch of Cauliflower (detail); 9" x 12",
watercolor/watercolor pencils; Feb. 14 09

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Strange Occurances

Strange occurrences have been plaguing me lately. I should blame it all on the coffee spill accident at "the cafe". I don't remember the details of it. There are other things that have piled up in my mind since then: my laundry is one of them. I wanted to discuss the "kitchen difficulties" at this time, but this subject is not current anymore; and there is the Baby Dream that escaped my memory for good. I have some pretty intriguing watercolor sketches from our cabbage patch, and this fact seems to be quite fresh, so I will focus on posting them next time.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Photograph in Question

"Violets & Roses Reign" (detail).
All Rights Reserved by Malgorzata Kawashima.

I took a picture of a dog violet and a miniature rose that grow peacefully in my garden. It(the photo) was processed to look 70 years older. The question is: what was the year that this photograph was taken?